These 5 people are helping set the IoT agenda

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Identifying key influencers in any field is a challenge. We were helped by algorithms that considered measures of relevance, network, engagement and expertise. And then we added some hand-picked thought leaders that may not be prolific but are certainly influential.

Andy Stanford-Clark

Andy is Chief Technology Officer for IBM in UK and Ireland. He’s a hands-on engineer and inventor with more than 40 patents. With a PhD in Computer Science and a long background in IoT, Andy is a true thought leader in the field. His social media activity is varied and includes interesting insights into his daily work.

Stacey Higginbotham

Stacey is a former senior editor at Fortune magazine and has been covering technology and IoT for 18 years. As well as writing for a range of titles she tweets, blogs and produces a regular IoT newsletter and podcast. Not being tied to an employer or client gives her freedom to ask the questions others might avoid.

Ronald van Loon

Ronald was the algorithms’ top pick . He’s a director of Adversitement, a business that analyses clients’ data and helps improve their customers’ journeys. Ronald writes and lectures in IoT and Big Data all round the world and his prolific social media activity is full of digital inspiration and links to other sources.

Fabienne Neymarck

Fabienne is a French technologist working at the coalface of IoT and data. His employer, Innov8, produces hardware and software solutions for distribution, manufacturing and retail. Mobility is a speciality. On social media Fabienne is a one-man digest of what’s happening in IoT, AI and Big Data with his accounts dominated by re-tweets.

Evan Kirstel 

Evan has made social media influencing into his day job. His business offers social media consultancy and content services to businesses wanting to reach audiences interested in all things digital. That means tweeting useful links and insights about IoT is a key part of his livelihood (though he does share the odd viral video too).

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