Become the disruptor, not the disrupted

Intrapreneur [in-truh-pruh-nur]
noun - “a person within an existing organisation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation” (Pinchot, 1978).

While 84% of executives say innovation is important to their growth & strategy, only 6% are happy with their innovation performance*. Many companies are missing the fact that their greatest resource to drive innovation is the talent they already have in the organisation. An effective intrapreneurship programme can convert this talent into new business by creating a culture of proactivity, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

If organisations do not do this, they will not keep pace with rapidly changing technologies and global competition from challengers. Embedding a culture of intrapreneurship will help you to take control of your company’s future by becoming the disruptor, not the disrupted. This goes beyond traditional product development structures and empowers individuals to create new products, and build your next business lines.

*McKinsey Global Innovation Survey (2018)

Details of our next Intrapreneurship 101 event

This interactive one-day masterclass will help you to kick-start intrapreneurship in your company helping you to innovate faster, drive revenue and improve talent attraction, development and retention.

Topics on the day will include:

  • What is intrapreneurship?
  • What is social intrapreneurship?
  • The business case for intrapreneurship and social intrapreneurship
  • Supporting your intrapreneurs
  • Thinking like an intrapreneur
  • How to navigate the corporate immune system

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Location icon 11 June, 2019
Car parking icon 09:30 - 16:30
Train route icon £100
Train route icon 1st Floor, 81 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill, W8 4AT

Intrapreneurship Events

Your Experts: Tim Heard and Charlie Munro

Zoella in her kitchen filming her Christmas cooking vlog with fans commenting underneath

Tim Heard is the Head of Intrapreneurship for Barclays UK Ventures with a remit to help established companies develop and nurture ‘in-house’ entrepreneurs so that they can innovate more like a start-up and respond faster to disruption. Tim is an experienced intrapreneur, and social intrapreneur, in his own right, who now finds himself as a globally recognised speaker, lecturer, author, and theorist on the topic of intrapreneurship; using his own experiences and research to help others. Because of this passion for intrapreneurship Tim co-founded the Circle of Intrapreneurs; now the world’s largest network of intrapreneurs – which grew from a LinkedIn group to a global movement with over 6000 members, from over 80 countries, representing most of the world’s biggest companies - within 3 years and, through this, Tim has advised intrapreneurs at 100s of companies on how to deliver and many of the world’s biggest companies on how to become more intrapreneurial.

Creator: Barclays Roundup
Co-Founder: Circle of Intrapreneurs
Author: Social intrapreneurship; what it means, why it matters and what it means for you
Relevant qualifications: Mst in Social Innovation, Cambridge University (2020), Graduate of the Intrapreneur Lab, Oxford University (2014)
Awards: 4 x One Young World Ambassador, UNleash Talent (2017), Barclays nominee for World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders (2018)
Outside of intrapreneurship interests: Rugby, playing the drums (sometimes therapeutic), travelling, pub quizzes

Zoella in her kitchen filming her Christmas cooking vlog with fans commenting underneath

Charlie Munro is a Senior Intrapreneurship Manager in Barclays UK Ventures passionate about intrapreneurship and the power of individuals within large organisations to drive change. Charlie is a natural innovator and problem-solver, with a proven track-record of implementing large-scale digital and cultural transformation programmes. Most recently delivering a brand new proposition supporting high-growth start-ups in the UK. Charlie is also an active social intrapreneur and advisor to others, as well as being a key member of the Circle of Intrapreneurs Senior Leadership Team.

Creator: Barclays Balance
Social entrepreneur: Circle of Intrapreneurs – Global Head of Content
Relevant qualifications: Certificate in Intrapreneurship, Cornell University (2019), CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (2019), Graduate of the Intrapreneur Lab, Oxford University (2017)
Awards: UNleash Talent (2018), Barclays nominee for Rising Stars Award (2018)
Outside of intrapreneurship interests: Watersports, running and anything involving food

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