Industry Programmes

Transforming industries through collaboration and connections

Eagle Labs have the connections to facilitate industry-wide transformations by bringing together key industry players and encouraging them to collaborate.

Encouraging industries to connect with the best talent to address specific industry challenges can only be achieved through collaboration. We do this by bringing together thought leaders, industry bodies, key corporates, academics and startups and partnering with them to provide them with the tools, programmes and access they need to make a real, collective difference. 

We’re helping the Legal sector to innovate and transform.

Find out how we’re bringing together universities, major law firms and the Law Society to create a centre of excellence for LawTech innovation and start-ups.

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We’re empowering innovation in the HealthCare sector.

We’re supporting the promotion of new and emerging technologies designed to improve independent living, health management, increase prevention and deliver precision medicine.

Find out more about HealthTech

Industry Bias

As the Eagle Lab network has grown, so has our focus on a growing number of industries, check which of our Labs has a specific industry bias.

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