Holidaymakers want the contactless journey yesterday

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Moving to a must-have product is no easy task during Covid-19 says Julie Grieve, CEO and Founder of Criton, finalist in the Eagle Labs Innovation Award 2020.

Guest engagement platform Criton allows hotels to fast-track their digital transformation, save money, keep guests engaged and drive revenue.

In this video Julie explains the experience of scaling under pressure, why running a startup is a marathon and the importance of remaining flexible as a leader. Julie also describes how the process of continuous improvement can help you keep your businesses on track—and why she wishes she had brought in people with specific expertise earlier in her journey.

She also shares her reaction on being shortlisted for the awards: “While I won’t be able to share the prosecco with my team because we’re all working from home, I will be able to share the nomination letter with them—and it means a lot.”




The Eagle Labs Innovation Award is part of the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards.

This year the event will be held virtually, on 26 November.

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