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What does your business do?

M2JN is a startup that develops the next generation of patient centric medical devices. By involving clinicians and patients the right clinical needs are identified and answered through an innovative product design process. Although patented, our smart, reliable technology comes second, the most important is the user.

How has it, or can it, support tackling COVID-19?

The unprecedented challenges brought by COVID-19 forced us to think outside of the box. Two major questions came up: as any startup, how to remain on track and on budget ? But most importantly, as a medical device startup, how can we help?

We owe the UK and the world a solution, as pioneers in the development of the next generation of medical tools. Yes, it is hard, but the number of lives that can be positively impacted WORLDWIDE are worth weeks of sleep deprivation.

As such, we focused on what we do best: finding solutions to clinical needs. The major current limitation is the burden on clinical facilities and equipment. The spread of the virus is there and growing. We could not make new masks, ventilators or vaccines, but we could prevent the need to use them all together in the first place. “How ?” you are thinking.

Please tell us more about your technology

Our core technology is advanced data analytics, we do AI, not because it’s trending but because our goal is to foresee what is not seen. Give information clinicians and patients do not have to give them a head start to tackle diseases. Eventually improving patient experience and outcome while reducing clinical staff and facilities burden.

Especially in these times, when one additional bed and one additional ventilator can mean life or death.

What struggles have you faced?

The major struggle faced was our own mental limitation. That fear and uncertainty, this twilight zone that probably everyone faced as COVID-19 spread took over our lives and forced us into confinement. 

Once we overcame the initial inertia COVID-19 created, we managed to get momentum and rewrite the vision we had for our company. There are probably many other practical struggles to come, as Nelson Mandela said: “after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb”, but we have the right shoes!

What opportunities has this brought to you, or have you pivoted your business model to help in this time?

By pivoting our product and business model we have started new collaborations leading to stronger commitment and actions due to the urgency of the situation. People are eager to help.

What advice would you give to other Start-Up’s or SME’s out there?

Do not be afraid, the first step is to imagine. Imagine your impact, as you are probably the only person in the world who can do it, with your energy, knowledge and care for others. Failure will happen as not everyone can imagine as big and far as you, and technology is not always on your side. Consistency in work ethic is crucial to ensure credibility and attract the right people to you.

One thing M2JN is proud of is its collaborations (P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator powered by Barclays Eagle Labs, CRL accelerator and the Royal Academy of Engineering) and different evolving networks. Whichever market space a startup is evolving in, it needs to be surrounded by other startups and high quality standard people.

It’s from people for people with people.

What’s next and what plans have you to implement?

Next is to keep moving forward, one step at a time, implementing toward success.

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