How Covid-19 is leading to new approaches to innovation in the NHS

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Professor Kev Dhaliwal explains how the HealthTech Response initiative is helping enable new solutions.

Professor Kev Dhaliwal is Director of University of Edinburgh’s Healthcare Technology Accelerator Facility. He is also a practising consultant in Respiratory Medicine. Covid-19 has therefore had a massive impact on his work – both in treating patients and helping find tech solutions to the challenges that the pandemic has created.

In this short video Kev explains how things have changed as a result of Covid, how the NHS has responded and where there still needs to be progress to ensure HealthTech solutions can be developed and adopted more quickly.

Kev also explains how he has been closely involved in HealthTech response, a nationwide initiative to fast-track startups into the NHS and other healthcare providers to help tackle the challenges of Covid-19.

HealthTech Response is ongoing – with regular meetings, mentoring and other support. Learn more and share your idea, product or solution.




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