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Tim Martin, CEO, and Neil Thompson, COO, chat to Eagle Labs HealthTech about their business WorkInConfidence.

Tell us about WorkInConfidence

WorkInConfidence provides an online anonymous conversation platform to enhance speaking up and engagement in organisations.

WorkInConfidence PULSE provides three modules:
PROTECT: Provide a safe and secure environment for your people to raise issues and surface concerns so you can resolve them quickly.
UNDERSTAND & LEARN: Run a wide range of topical polls and surveys to really gain an understanding of how your people are feeling.
SHARE & EXCITE: Ask your people for ideas on topics that you would like feedback on and make everyone feel a valued part of the team..

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight

Getting the very first paying client as that validated what we were doing.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Matching the resource requirements with cashflow. It needs a bit of a crystal ball approach and a leap of faith to take people on in advance of when you actually need them.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

You can't do it all and be an expert at everything. Get support. There's plenty out there if you know where to look.


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