HealthTech Member:


Dr Melissa Berthelot - Founder and CEO from
WarnerPatch tells us more about her HealthTech business.

Tell us about WarnerPatch

WarnerPatch is a medical device for home remote monitoring, predicting disease evolution for clinicians to give preventive care, improve patient outcome and save care costs. Focusing on wound care, WarnerPatch is an AI-powered, narrowband IoT non-invasive flexible patch, connected for remote data access and notifications. Designed for patients, WarnerPatch works like a phone and has a 7-days battery life.

How long have you been an Eagle Labs member?

Since February 2020 Edinburgh.

When did you start your business?

June 2019.

What's been your biggest highlight

Raising pre-seed funding.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Navigating through the pandemic.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Become an expert on everything about your startup/field, keep on questioning things but trust your gut.


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