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Carl Grainger, Director, and Liam Heron, Senior App Developer, chat to Eagle Labs HealthTech about Viz Box.

Tell us about Viz Box.

Viz Box has developed in to a virtual reality company with the creation of our application to help reduce anxiety for children. On attending an appointment with my child to Alder Hey hospital for his motor skill and coordination issues, I happened to have spotted a little girl in a wheelchair who was looking rather scared. The idea of using virtual reality as a form of distraction to reduce anxiety came to mind. We have now built a VR portable app to do just that, it has also been designed with the transferable skills to improve mental health, concentration, coordination and motor skills through immersive interactive game play.

When did you start your business?

The business was registered back in June 2018 but the business started a year ago when we started focusing on the deliverment of the Sensory VR app.

What's been your biggest highlight

I think the biggest highlight for me was when I first started to see what was in my head, starting to come to life in the app.

What's been your biggest challenge?

I think my biggest challenge has been lack of funding due to the pandemic priority.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

I would say to make sure you trust the people you work with. I also found, engaging with like minded people helped to build my confidence in myself and my product.


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