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Shain Khoja, Founder & CEO, and Barrie Alan Hadfield, Co-Founder & CTO, chat about their business™ to Eagle Labs HealthTech.

Tell us about™ aggregates the fragmented pieces of senior caregiving to a single trusted platform that enables frictionless monitoring, engagement, provision, coordination & communication of care. By bringing everyone involved with a senior’s caregiving into a private circle of care, thrive reduces stress, empowers seniors, improves coordination & communication thereby increasing better use of time, cost savings and greater overall satisfaction/QOL. Our platform integrates a powerful AI and ML graph database that powers targeted engagement and provides actionable insights for monitoring, coordination and care.

Take the effort out of searching for what you need, the frustration out of teaching your older parents or clients how to use different technologies and get access to well-designed ways to connect with each other and encourage greater independence. Access professionally researched and curated products and services so you can make the right informed choices for your parent. Our software platform is With Thrive bring the joy to caregiving.

When did you start your business?

Incorporated in September 2019.

What's been your biggest highlight

Our biggest highlight has been speaking to older adults and family caregivers and seeing their delight and relief as we explain and demonstrate what we have built after speaking with them. Giving older adults agency, voice and greater independence and easing the stress for both professional and family caregivers has driven our thinking. On the professional service-provider's side there is a mixed welcome for an integrated care platform. They desire it and are waiting for an easy to use, intelligent platform. We aim that will be that platform.

What's been your biggest challenge?

The adult care giving market is highly fragmented and poorly invested in sector. There are a wide range of care needs that can be addressed. Focusing on a beachead has been challenging however we believe the B2B2C model for this market is the beachead for us. We are also looking for strategic partners to pilot and test our solution with and equally strategic investors who understand this market segment and can add value to our business and our strategic direction.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

There are no short cuts to customer and problem discovery and product market fit - you just need to put in the hard work.


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