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We chat to Teresa Clark, CEO & Alchemist at Eagle Labs HealthTech member The Wellness Revolution.

Tell us about The Wellness Revolution

The Wellness Revolution is a pioneering culture & employee experience company built for businesses of the future. We’re calling on forward-thinking leaders and organisations to join us in our quest to reimagine the workplace as a force for positive transformation. By supporting people to live happier and healthier lives we inspire organisations to expand their horizons beyond profit to their impact in the world.

We help companies to understand the interconnectedness of culture, wellbeing, and performance intelligently shaping wellbeing strategies and programmes to align with key business objectives.

Taking a fully holistic approach to employee experience, we design work for wellbeing to support your people to live and perform at their best. Our bespoke wellness programmes support organisations to cultivate lasting positive change transforming employee experience to unleash potential.

Our Solutions:

  • Culture & wellbeing audits 
  • Bespoke wellbeing programmes
  • Wellbeing workshops and webinars
  • Employee experience design sprints
  • Consultancy & training
  • Wellbeing & leadership coaching 
  • Wellbeing initiatives & events 

Wherever you are on your culture and wellness journey, our passionate and progressive team of revolutionaries are here to help your people to flourish. From business psychologists to nutritionists to innovators, we have everything covered to inspire transformation within your organisation.

When did you start your business?

November 2019.

What's been your biggest highlight?

Receiving amazing feedback from the companies that we work with is always a highlight and reaffirms everything that we do and why we exist. Another huge highlight for us is working in collaboration with Goldsmith's university and their UX department collaborating with their students to conduct user research and develop our culture and wellbeing platform.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Building brand awareness with limited resources and surviving the last 24 months!

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Seek out advice and support from industry experts and build a network of people that believe in you and your vision. Above all else prioritise your own wellbeing and role model the importance of wellbeing within your team. Building your personal resiliency and mindset as a founder is the key to keeping yourself balanced, healthy and adaptable to meet the highs and lows of start up life.

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