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The GP Service


Suleman Sacranie - Founder of the The GP Servicetells us more about their HealthTech business.

Tell us about The GP Service

The GP Service was incorporated in December 2014 with the aim of offering Patients an innovative and cost-effective solution to access healthcare services conveniently and efficiently. A team of seasoned, experienced professionals from the health and technology sectors founded the business and received investment from private equity firm Maven Capital in May 2016. The Company continues to enhance its offering with the provision of additional services to the Pharmacies and Patients that have been combined to provide a truly unique, innovative and unparalleled service throughout the UK.

Patients can use the service to consult with a Doctor in a timely, effective, convenient and safe manner. The platform facilitates a consultation between a Patient and a Doctor and integrates a unique Electronic Prescription System (EPS) that permits real time generation and transmission of Electronic Prescriptions to GPS Member Pharmacies to dispense. Patients can then collect, or have delivered, the dispensed medication. Prescriptions can be sent to pharmacies electronically including Boots, Superdrug and Tesco as well as independent pharmacies now totalling over 5,000 across the UK.

The GP Service is also the UKs first online private provider to have fully integrated with NHS digital providing our doctors with real time access during a consultation to a patients medical record making the service the safest available on the market

When did you start your business?

December 2014.

What's been your biggest highlight

Being able to send prescriptions electronically instantly to over 5,000 pharmacies and connecting patients to see a GP within 30 minutes is a great highlight for the business. We are focussed on being a technology partner for the Healthcare industry and the solutions developed have really allowed us to assist in solving a problem in the private prescription and telemedicine space.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Like any business there are always challenges. The challenges I recall were mainly at the start in which not being a medic myself was building a team around me that had the medical and clinical expertise the business had and we have been able to do this by bringing in great like minded people that share the same vision and principles of where we want to take things over the coming years.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

For entrepreneurs starting out, my advice would be to have a vision of what it is you are trying to do, mainly the problem you are trying to solve and with that vision know where you want to take it. From this build out a team that can help you bring that together. If you are focussed on your vision your product or service will be successful as its understand the need of the market and the people you are selling to. The most important part is having people you can bounce ideas off that will give you critical feedback but most importantly to get started. Many entrepreneurs have ideas but the main thing is getting started as from this you will learn the most.


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