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Phil Wakefield - Founder, chats to Eagle Labs HealthTech about Oxogen.

Tell us about Oxogen.

Oxogen is home to innovative people making things better by making better things. Be part of our mission to turn every great idea into an awesome, loved and powerful digital thing!? (and overuse the word 'thing').

We have helped founders develop a strong robust product strategy, mentored Healthtech startups creating innovative apps, undertaken complex user and tech research and built industry leading SaaS platforms in MedTech and other sectors. Ultimately we support the right people to solve the key problems in our world.

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight

It's not large but we are proud of this one - we helped some founders prove thier strategy was wrong. But rather than the end of the story we unlocked a new opportunity. Something more exciting, has more impact, will help more people and will become a stronger business. We saved them from building a white elephant and got them on the right path realy early on.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Money money money! Early stage ideas struggle to get money at a time that advice, skills and guidance is needed most. This is a challenge becasue we are not a charity but we want to help. We have worked on creating services that allow us to help all sizes of budgets and developed partnerships with early stage funding specialist that help us combat the challenges in this sector. We are seeing that this really helps make innovation more inclusive but still remains a widespread challenge.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

It is tempting to race to a solution. Everyone wants to build our Minimum Viable Product as quickly as possible. The instinct is natural and the startup space encourages it. However we find that this does not encourage enough time exploring the problem. The best founders know thier problem better than anyone, including their users.


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