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We chat to Kelvin Summoogum, Founder & CEO at Eagle Labs HealthTech member MiiCare.

Tell us about MiiCare

MiiCare is an AI-based Scale-up specialised in the area of geriatrics. Our mission is to help older adults and vulnerable people live safely and healthily in their own home through AI.

To deliver on our promise we built a digital health coach powered by our proprietary AI and voice assistant – ‘Monica’. Monica has been developed through 4 years of research, in collaboration with some of world leading Neuroscientists, psychologists, geriatricians, as well as a group of older adults, some with early-stage dementia. At the core, Monica’s ultimate objective is to ensure compliance to the care plans and physical wellbeing programs (Medications, Hydration, Physical Activity) as well supporting the user with their emotional wellbeing, loneliness, mental health, etc.

The solution has been validated by several NHS trust in the UK and we are already on the market. The solution is best suited in a home setting, supporting the users with their activities of daily leaving. It also augments the capability of a carer and gives peace of mind to families. The key components of the solution include a palm-size IoT gateway, an ecosystem of tiny wireless sensors, telehealth devices and Bluetooth tags to monitor hydration and medications intake.

These devices collect data which are in turn aggregated by our IoT gateway and pushed to a data repository where our algorithm analyses the data and generate insights. These insights are in turn used to inform the appropriate intervention to improve health outcomes.

When did you start your business?

March 2018.

What's been your biggest highlight?

Winning our first contract with the largest NHS trust in the UK, only 6 months of forming the company.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Fund raising.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Remember why you started your venture in the first place, write it down and stay true to in all along, including when you become very famous.

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