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Nick Nettleton, Founder and CEO, chats to Eagle Labs HealthTech about Loft Digital.

Tell us about Digital Loft

Loft is an award-winning digital consultancy and software developer.  We work with companies of all sizes, but particularly enjoy working with startups.  Over the years we have helped many startups scale their businesses, including Sunday Times FastTrack 100 winner Cyclescheme (with whom we still work today).

Our team of experts advise on tech and data strategies, and design, build and manage systems (with particular expertise in Cloud). We act as a strategic technology partner and an extension of our clients’ teams, bringing technical insight and expertise to underpin business growth.  Our approach combines speed, creativity, engineering excellence and human insight. The technology we deliver is secure, scalable, innovative and intuitive.

We work with clients from all industries but have particular expertise in the Health, Cycling and Sustainability sectors.  We engage with clients on  projects both large and small – anything from ½ day consultancy to 10 year bespoke development projects!  Our approach is open and collaborative and we are always happy to have a friendly, no-obligation chat.

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight?

Over fifteen years we have helped to build all customer facing and internal business systems for Cyclescheme, a UK FastTrack 100 winner - and we continue to work with them and their parent company day in, day out, today, on key business strategies. A hugely satisfying outcome.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Scaling up the magic - whether for a people driven business like Loft, or a technology led business like those we help our clients build. Ensuring the vision is delivered and the customer experience remains consistent, while everything gets bigger, is a key challenge that we are always focused on.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Focus on building the right team and getting the right expertise in, to help you get the right foundations in place from the outset. External specialists like Loft can augment your permenant team with specialist expertise very cost effectively. On the tech and data front, while being agile is essential, the right degree of up front planning will help you to make the most of opportunities and minimise the risk of needing to do rework later.

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