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Founders of LactApp Maria Berruezo, Alba Padro and Enric Pallares chat to Eagle Labs about their business.

Tell us about LactApp

A Barcelona based startup, LactApp has developed the leading mobile App giving personalised, evidence-based expert support to mothers on infant feeding and maternity. Downloaded over 650,000+ times worldwide, LactApp leverages its over 13 M+ real-world consultations to create proprietary AI that will reduce costs to the healthcare system by increasing breastfeeding rates. It is also the creator of the LactApp Medical App, an educational app for healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge on the topic of human lactation.

After a traumatic accident when her baby was only 5 weeks old, co-founder Maria Berruezo was in the hospital for two months. Despite these circumstances, she had support from the lactation expert and now author and influencer Alba Padro to recover their breastfeeding journey. She felt so empowered that she had the vision to download co-founder Alba's brain into an App to help every mother in the world to achieve their desired breastfeeding goals with a breastfeeding expert in their pocket.

Together with co-founder Enric, they created LactApp in 2016 and have since then been backed by Google for Startups, Apple Entrepreneurship Program and AWS and the Apps have been downloaded in over 177 countries in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight?

Being part of the Apple Entrepreneurship Program for female founders in Cupertino and reaching thousands of new mothers users all over the world.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Getting organisations at many levels to dedicate financial resources to maternity and buy into LactApp services for their customers and employees.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Create your own path because it has never been done before.

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