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HKR Insight


John Wisbey - Founder & CEO chats to Eagle Labs HealthTech about HKR Insight.

Tell us about HKR Inisight

Never Again.  Many of us will need knee surgery at some point in our lives or will care for someone who has.  The experience can be traumatic with uncertain results and long term consequences.  After my father suffered needlessly, I vowed to use my contacts and energy to develop a simple, transformative solution for clinicians and their patients. The result is HKR Insight.

HKR Insight will transform outcomes for clinicians and knee patients through four innovations:                

  1. Real time data for clinicians to improve diagnosis, treatment and results.
  2. A single clinical view of patients from pre-op diagnosis > post-op in-patient > out-patient > patient at home care, for the best integrated results.
  3. Personal data and motivation sent directly to patients, with feedback to their clinicians, to help them achieve effective recovery and meet their goals
  4. Trend data analysis, norms and reports for clinicians to predict outcomes, set patient targets and achieve the best possible outcomes.


When did you start your business?

October 2020.

What's been your biggest highlight?

Positive support from clinicians and commercial partners.


What's been your biggest challenge?

Keeping momentum during COVID.


Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Aim high, make no compromises along the way.

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