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Darren Crombie, Founder and CEO of Bridgit, chats to Eagle Labs HealthTech about his company.

Tell us about Bridgit

Team Bridgit believe that unpaid carers are the most important people involved in safeguarding our country's health and well-being. Carers are the glue that holds the health and social care systems together, as well as the lives of the ones they love. At Team Bridgit, we wrap our arms around family carers. We have developed industry-leading solutions and helpful guidance to make the lives of carers easier. Bridgit is here to support and empower family carers, helping them care for their loved ones safely and remotely, while providing emotional and practical support. We're a proud Social Enterprise that supports our amazing carer community. We care for you, so you can care for them.

How long have you been an Eagle Labs member?

3 years.

When did you start your business?

Upstream Health started in 2018 and then Bridgit Care started up in 2020.

What's been your biggest highlight

We have received nearly £1m in grant funding from the Government, NHS England, and Innovate UK. This will help us to deliver our vision of improving the lives of family carers all over the world. We have built new types of technologies to provide simple ways to monitor and support family members. On top of this, we have launched a carer support service to provide real-time support to carers. Our new carer marketplace, which goes live this month, will also allow us to provide targeted product promotions to carers to help them and the ones they love.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Our biggest challenge over the last few months has been scaling up how we run and operate our business. We've been developing new products, automating a lot of our back-end processes, learning and experimenting how to drive inbound interest and sales, and developing our all-star team. That's a lot going on!

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Understand your story and how that makes what you want to do special. Surround yourself with smart people (but not too smart!). Focus on incremental delivery, and failing and learning quickly as you find your space in the market. And if that fails you can always read my blog.


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