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We chat to HealthTech member and CEO of AsOne Andrew Wessels.

Tell us about AsOne

Our vision - Globally sharing the privilege of a seamless workflow platform to enable any organisation achieve efficient and meaningful success.

Our mission - constantly evolve and refine the AsOne EDP to remain a singular and comprehensive business workflow solution, accessible and affordable to businesses around the world.

The AsOne offering is an Innovative Business Workflow Platform. We regard our Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) as ‘life after ERP’ in that we provide a comprehensive set of business workflow functionalities as a singular offering and not as modular components.

By Breaking the ERP modular mould, we do not force our customers to use additional third party systems that create data silo’s but rather create a singular solution for their workflow needs.

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight?

Having many long term multi-national customers due to Asone's customer service management. We aim to fulfil their needs whatever the issue

What's been your biggest challenge?

Creating a global business in an ever-challenging business world. This means managing all stakeholder expectations including meeting many regulatory requirements.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Seek business support because there is an awful lot which will help you develop business plans.


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