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In 2018, my co-founder Georgina - a data scientist - and I had a light bulb moment; people going through cancer need better support; and technology could provide the means to empower them to be in control of their health.

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As a medical doctor working in the NHS I was seeing patients in the clinic day after day and many simply did not have the information they needed. Even when they did, there often wasn’t enough time with their clinician to process the information given to them. That meant that by the time they got home they were left feeling isolated and unsupported.

As a data scientist, Georgina recognised how cutting edge technologies such as machine learning could be used to understand and predict patterns and trends in healthcare. We both realised that through a mobile app, this technology could be applied to enable patients to understand their daily situation and help them better manage their care. So we created Vinehealth.

Putting patients back in control of their cancer treatment

We both recognised the value of patient centric self-management and how it both improves quality of life and has a positive impact on outcomes from cancer. In fact, studies have shown that simply doing a good job of tracking care and communicating this to your doctor can massively improve your day-to-day quality of life and increase survival time by up to 20%.

Managing a complex condition like cancer - keeping track of all the medications, appointments, scans and lifestyle changes can be incredibly difficult on your own. Many people living with cancer can feel isolated and unsupported, while traditional routes of delivering healthcare struggle to address these issues. This is especially difficult because current management systems are almost entirely manual and analogue. But when done well, self management enables people to better deal with their side effects, remember to ask their doctor the questions they need answers to, and understand when and who to ask for help.

Accelerating digital cancer care

Since the start, we have always wanted to empower patients while also transforming the delivery of cancer services and development of cancer therapeutics - a market worth an estimated $200bn globally.

So, we set about working with patients, clinicians and providers to understand their needs. The result was Vinehealth. We’ve been fortunate to work with some brilliant accelerators like P4, which Barclays’ Eagle Labs support, Digital Health.London and GovStart UK who have helped us shape the business model and better understand the healthtech ecosystem.

In August we announced the closing of a £1.2m seed round led by Playfair Capital - an investor that really believes in the positive impact of our product for people living with cancer, and in Vinehealth’s goal to help patients be in control. Shortly afterwards we were named "Global Healthcare Startup of the Year" by the World Healthcare Journal - a remarkable honour which goes to validate our mission to transform global cancer care.

The Beta version of the Vinehealth mobile app will launch in early 2020 to support people going through cancer treatment to better track, manage and understand their care and wellbeing.

Through the logging of this patient data, aggregated and anonymised, Vinehealth’s mobile app generates population-level real-world data. Using the latest cutting edge technology in AI/machine learning we can then optimise data and patient outcomes to support cancer service delivery and drug development.

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The app will be available to download from the Apple and Android app stores soon. If you or someone you know is currently undergoing cancer treatment then please visit for more information.

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