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electronRx joined the Cambridge Eagle Labs in 2017, marking the beginning of an exciting, fast-paced journey. Within the Eagle Lab Incubator, we have been given the chance to create, innovate and grow and we feel privileged to be part of this dynamic ecosystem of start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Barclays has created a very friendly and collaborative atmosphere for companies like us, where people are able to interact and communicate their ideas and skills. We couldn’t omit Eagle Labs friendly and helpful staff and we would like to thank everyone for their assistance and mentorship.

But, who are we? electronRx is a digital healthcare start-up, leading the disruptive development of remote diagnostics and non-invasive pain management technology working towards the development of digital therapeutics. Ultimately, our purpose is to create a new class of medicine, highly tailored to the conditions of each individual, with no side effects.

Our company was set up by its founder Dr Bipin Patel, a biomedical engineer, with more than 20 years of pharmaceutical drug discovery and medical device development experience. The idea of the digital pill was conceived through the combination of the latest advances in our medical understanding of chronic disease processes and how these are influenced by the central nervous system and the rise of powerful computing artificial intelligence technology.

Our aim is to relieve human suffering and make a difference in people’s lives.

Undoubtedly, like many start-ups, we are working in a challenging and uncertain operating environment. We have managed to overcome many challenges along the way, simply through our tenacity to succeed. Our team has grown even bigger and just two weeks ago, we moved into the largest office inside the Eagle Labs Incubator.

We have formed a dynamic, multidisciplinary team, dedicated to the development of innovative digital diagnostics and therapeutic products. We, at electronRx, are extremely proud of our empowered individual driven work ethic and our collaborative culture which we believe is one of the main keys to our success.

If all this sound interesting to you, apply for our current job opportunities or send us your CV with a covering letter at

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