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Barclays Ventures and Eagle Labs are proud to partner with organisations who share our belief in open collaboration. We want to hear from organisations who embrace new emerging technologies to solve problems affecting key sectors across the UK.

These are clearly challenging times, not just for the UK but globally. This week three of our partners -  The University of Edinburgh, UCL and CodeBase - opened a collaborative effort on how technology, innovation and their connected networks can quickly help support the NHS response to the current COVID-19 crisis. The partnership is particularly focused on ways that existing tech solutions can address the isolation of the vulnerable, reduce non-critical demand into the NHS and aid diagnostics and treatment.

Our partners have kindly asked if Barclays Ventures and Eagle Labs can support their efforts, of which we’re only glad to.

And we’re hoping you can help too. 

Do you have a tech solution or innovative idea on how to address one or more of the following key challenges? If so, the partnership could help fast track deployment.


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Slowing the Spread of COVID-19

Tools to educate on the ways to reduce the spread of the disease 

Communication platforms to drive behavioural change



Enabling Home-based Care

To support remote or self-managed triage solutions to reduce burdens on hospitals

Technology solutions to remotely monitor and treat 



Supporting the wellbeing and morale of NHS workforce 

Solutions to support the Physical and Mental wellbeing of NHS employees 



Assistance for those who are most Vulnerable and in Self Isolation 

Ensuring the most vulnerable continue to get vital services and support they need

Solutions to reduce stress, anxiety, loneliness for the ill and their families 



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