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The world is changing. Software is changing how we live and work.

Old ways of doing things are challenged by newer ways. The sheer volume of new companies popping up all over the country show that it has never been easier to start up a new company. 

At the same time one look at the high street shows that many older, more traditional companies are facing challenges of their own.

The new guard have the digital smarts, the old guard have the deeper domain expertise and there is a race on for each to learn the other’s skills as fast as possible.

For traditional businesses this means that you either open yourself to this reality and adapt, or else simply get left behind.

The Gateway Programme combines the knowledge and thought leadership from CodeBase with the experience Barclays gained during a period of unprecedented challenge in its industry to create a new corporate change model.


We have developed Gateway, an intensive one-day business transformation programme, that help corporates transform businesses for the future by thinking differently about:

  • How start-ups build technology product companies
  • How venture capitalists (VCs) work with software product companies to develop amazing products.

How it works

Gateway is modular. It is designed to be configured to the specific needs of each client.

We’ll work through the hypothesis that incumbent companies have four options to deal with the threats and opportunities of disruption:





CodeBase experts will signpost how these options can be used in isolation or together to understand the best strategic outcomes for the business.

In today’s world, successful modern businesses benefit from innovating like start-ups; by unleashing the create potential of their existing teams; working collaboratively; applying lean principles; delivering change at a low cost.

To deliver this change, established business leaders also need to behave more like Venture Capitalists in their approach to leading innovation and transformation.

This module will provide the principles and framework to adapt and adopt to both ways of thinking and operating.

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Who should attend

Leaders who know that their current business models and revenue streams are being challenged by products and technologies that did not exist as recently as 5 years ago.

Gateway is for senior executives at established companies, who understand the need to adapt their company’s business model.


Meet the team

Gateway is facilitated by experts in the CodeBase network. Drawn from the world of technology and business, with expertise in scaling and fast-growth companies, the facilitators will change monthly with their area of expertise aligned to the topic of discussion.

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