Winter #WrapUp Gaming Picklist

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It’s time to keep the cold at bay, join us as we go all in on comfort and games with a Winter #WrapUp!

We’ve assembled a list of top titles to make the cold months cosy, whether you’re wrapping up solo, online, or with friends and family. Stay in, stay warm, and game on.

Is your wrap up colourful and creative? Give these a go:


Platform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Stadia
Developer: Coatsink
Genre: Puzzle, Co-Op, Platform
Go PHOG-wild

Looking for a crazy co-op? Check out PHOGS! You’ll be linked together in this double-doggo puzzle game that takes you through a variety of dreamscapes made of food, toys, beds, you name it. Grab your housemate, chill out on the couch, and work as a team to complete an array of one-of-a-kind levels.


Platform: Mobile, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch
Developer: Mojang Studios
Genre: Creative, Sandbox, Survival
Get building together

One of the all-time greats when it comes to comfy games, Minecraft is a creative classic, an endless stream of blocks and possibility. Explore the world to grow food, mine ore, and build anything you want to. Get started by setting up a server, then invite your friends and family to all play together online. There’s always room for more in the Minecraft landscape.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Platform: PS4
Developer: Sumo Digital
Genre: Adventure, Platform, Co-Op
Be a Craftworld hero 

The star of the LittleBigPlanet series is back in 3D platforming action. Become a sack person and traverse a bright, charming world made of fabric textures and odd opponents. Simple but fun, you can pull up to 3 friends or family from local to online co-op, customising your characters with whatever zany wigs and costumes you find along the way.

Feeling peckish? Try a couple of tasty titles:


Platform: PC, PlayStation
Developer: Young Horses
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Get a taste 

Kind of bug and kind of snack, Bugsnax are running wild all over Snaktooth Island, and it’s your duty to catch them all, from Cinnasnails to Shishkabugs. Great for a solo-wrap up, lose yourself in a strange world, bring the Grumpus community back together, and discover Bugsnax.

Cake Bash

Platform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Stadia
Developer: High Tea Frog
Genre: Party
Sweeten up your winter

Madcap minigames have never looked tastier, jump in and bash opposing cakes or bust open other confections and toppings to pick up points and win. The controls are simple and local multiplayer runs on a shared screen, so get everyone you’re living with in front of the telly and battle it out to be the cherry on top.

Looking for something a bit faster?

Rocket League

Platform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch
Developer: Psyonix
Genre: Vehicular Football
Kick it into high gear

A Winter WrapUp doesn’t mean you have to take things slow, maybe you want something faster, with cars, or football; maybe cars and football. Rocket League is exactly that, so go solo or party up with 1-3 friends and take on anyone. Don’t forget to customise your cars and ride around in style in a game that’s easy to play and fun to master.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Platform: Mobile
Developer: Riot Games
Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
Step onto the Rift

It’s fun, mobile, and free. Summoner’s Rift goes portable in Wild Rift, the official version of League of Legends made for mobile platforms. Grab four friends and carry them to victory in 5v5 matches. Pick from a variety of interesting champions every game, each with unique abilities, personality, and characteristics.

The Survivalists

Platform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch
Developer: Team17
Genre: Adventure, Survival
Train a monkey or two

If you’re wrapping up away from your friends or family, you can pull them together online in a desert island adventure. Washing up ashore, you and your team of castaways must work together to make the most of your new surroundings. Build a safe haven, map out the wilderness, and challenge mythical foes.

Want to go take your wrap up deep into space?

Among Us

Platform: Mobile, PC
Developer: InnerSloth
Genre: Survival, Social Deduction
Time to be sneaky

Be the Sherlock Holmes of outer space. Figure out which of your friends are alien shapeshifters and eject them. A game that rocked the internet, Among Us took over every social platform this year and InnerSloth have promised more content is on the way. Free on mobile, available on PC, play cross-platform with lobby sizes going up to 10 players.

No Man’s Sky

Platform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation
Developer: Hello Games
Genre: Action, Adventure, Survival
Go beyond the stars

With regular major updates since release, No Man’s Sky is a space explorer’s dreamland. All 18 quintillion planets are amazingly unique in this procedurally generated open universe. You and up to 3 friends could load in right next to lava-mushroom trees or glittering crystal caverns. There’s always something new to explore when every solar system is full of countless individual ecosystems, factions, and beasts.


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