UKLC Relegation Series Recap 

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High stakes make for great games, we saw exactly that in the UKLC relegation series, where four teams competed for only two slots in the UKLC 2021 Summer Season. Barrage Academy, Bulldog Esports, Resolve, and nerdRage all played their hearts out for a chance to join or remain in the UKLC.

Barrage Academy took on the second place UKEL team of nerdRage, who sought a return to the top level of UK esports. A team that had vastly improved by the end of the UKLC, Barrage Academy came into the series looking to prove themselves in absolute fashion. Incorporating higher pick diversity into their standard style, Barrage Academy took a convincing victory and no look on to proving themselves further in the next UKLC season.

After failing to make it to the UKLC through open qualifiers, Resolve competed in the UKEL. They thrived in this environment, taking the number 1 spot at the end of the season, and backing up their claim to the UKLC. Matched up against the struggling Bulldog Esports lineup, Resolve took them down despite a resurgence in Bulldog’s team synergy. Next up for Resolve could be a rematch against LDN Esports, the team that denied them initial entry into the UKLC.

Congratulations to the Relegation Series winners, good luck going forward. We’re sure nerdRage and Bulldog Esports will come running for revenge in future.



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