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It’s all popping off in the console wars now, but there’s other highlights shining amongst the fray. Don’t fret on missing out, we’ve got a quick rundown of things you might like to see from September’s gaming news.

Xbox Series S Announced

Coming in hot to try and take all the thunder in the Console Wars, Xbox announced their smallest Xbox yet, the Xbox Series S, an alternative to the upcoming Series X. The Series S has a smaller, more minimalist style to it compared to the sizeable Series X, impressively retaining all the same capability in a smaller case.

Release Date: 10 November

Super Mario 3D All Stars Released

Think about your favorite 3D Mario game, now think about playing it on your beloved Switch. Super Mario 3D All Stars launched this month as a 3-in-1 version of some of the most popular Mario games, consisting of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Sunshine. Have fun revelling in the nostalgia on a big screen or in your hands.

PS5 Showcase

The PS5 Showcase offered big names in new titles with Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the hotly anticipated Resident Evil VIII, and Final Fantasy XVI, led by the team who made hit MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. The PS5 is set to launch in two versions, the standard PS5 and the Digital Edition which comes with no need for discs. Since the showcase, preorders for the PS5 have gone haywire, good luck locking one down.

Release Date: November 19th

Jackbox Party Pack 7

A good night in playing games just got better, as Jackbox have returned with 5 new games. Headlined by another member in the well-loved Quiplash series, the pack includes the usual fun (but still exceedingly competitive) gamemodes, with PvP battler Champ’d Up and Talking Points, a chaotic presentation game. The pack launches on October 15th, so get your friends to save the date.

Rocket League Goes Free-to-Play

Rolling and goaling over to the Epic Games Launcher, Rocket League has gone free to play. With the change announced back in mid-July, the title is now enjoying an influx of new players playing through the new and upgraded features. For the Epic Games launch, Psyonix has added a new game pass taking it back to Season 1, new competitive ranks now ending at Supersonic Legend, and many small quality of life tweaks to make the game that much smoother.

Among Us Surges in Popularity

If we told you a small indie game released in 2018 would become one of the online smash hits of 2020, taking over Youtube and making friends lie to one another, would you believe us? Cause you should, we promise we’re no Impostor. Among Us is a game of survival and deception where the secret Impostor(s) must defeat their Crewmates to win. If you follow any gaming content creator, there’s no doubt you’ve seen them play Among Us, the biggest names are all over it. Among Us has ushered in a new collaborative spirit for top tier ‘tubers, with big figures like Pokimane, Ninja, and Pewdiepie all playing together. The rise of Among Us is comparable to that of recent breakout game Fall Guys, another simple but effective game in a world of intense top titles.


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