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The season is getting colder, but the games industry is staying hot. October has brought great things for the industry. Updates galore have made games spookier, blockier, and more spectacular. Let us take you through some highlights from the last month in games.

Amazon Announce Cloud Gaming Service ‘Luna’:

Amazon has officially entered cloud gaming with Luna, doing away with a need for downloads and letting you play almost wherever. The early access software already offers a unique controller, Amazon Echo functionality, and Twitch integration, while promising to offer 4K streaming and unlimited hours of play in future. Titles already confirmed for the platform include Assassins Creed: Valhalla, Overcooked 2, and Watchdogs: Legion.

Animal Crossing’s Fall Update Arrives:

Jack, the Czar of Halloween, returned to Animal Crossing in time to keep the Autumn crisp. Along with Jack, Nintendo added a fresh array of pumpkins to tend to, DIY recipes for spooky Halloween decor, and new costume apparel to tie it all together. A hotly requested addition to the game also rocked up with the patch, as players are now able to paint themselves wild with new hair and eye colours, as well as zombie green, alien blue, and vampire white skin.

Overwatch League Grand Finals Breaks Viewership Records:

The Overwatch League Grand Finals saw San Francisco Shock clutch the back-to-back championship win against a resurgent Seoul Dynasty. The Grand Finals matchup received a 38% increase in viewership from last year, reaching a 1.55 million global average viewership, making it the most watched Overwatch match ever. Viewership for the Grand Finals also improved exponentially in China, with a 260% viewership increase over 2019.

Minecraft’s Steve Enters Smash Ultimate:

In a surprise move to many, Steve joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the second third-party character from a Microsoft title since Banjo & Kazooie. His playstyle and special abilities have been praised by players for their unique functionality, allowing you to mine resources and expend them for brilliant moves where you can place blocks to build your own platforms or even cart your opponent off the map.

VALORANT Patch 1.10 Adds QoL Changes for Spectators:

A long awaited set of additions to VALORANT’s spectator view have been added, brightening the future of VALORANT’s content and esports capabilities. The biggest change implemented is the support for up to 12 spectators in custom tournaments, a major move for observing potential. Other clarity-focused changes include ability timers for fallen allies and spectators, improved minimap performance, and team-coloured map pings for spectators.

Phasmophobia Takes Over Gaming Content Everywhere:

If you’ve got a YouTube account, you already know what we’re talking about. The latest game to breakout across every gaming content platform is Phasmophobia, where you and up to 3 friends band together as paranormal investigators. A uniquely spooky experience, Phasmophobia utilises it’s own voice comms system, where you’ll usually rely on walkie-talkies and speak to the ghosts you’re there to identify, just don’t make them mad...

BAME in Games Mentorship Programme:

Pushing for more diversity in the games industry is what BAME in Games came together to do. Their new mentorship programme is aimed at encouraging more diverse talent to work in the games industry by connecting aspiring young people with industry professionals. If this is you, then  you can sign up as a Mentee to seek guidance on where to start or grow your skills. Alternatively, you can join the cause as a Mentor, using your experience to give helpful advice to your Mentee so they can build themselves a bright future in games.

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