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Viral battle-beans, virtual bands, and more goose-based chaos than ever before; August was a strange but exciting month, there was a lot to keep up with. We’re here to help and give you some highlights from the last month in gaming.

Fall Guys Goes Viral

Mediatonic’s innovative battle royale sensation, Fall Guys, took over social media. If you follow any gaming account, you’ll know what we mean. The beans of Fall Guys have wobbled their way onto any and every platform, skyrocketing their main Twitter account to 1 million followers in no time at all, surpassing titles like DOTA 2, CS:GO, and even Cyberpunk 2077. Their media buzz rivals that of Fortnite in its prime, and through creative socials and cosmetic collaborations, it’s likely they won't be eliminated from your feed anytime soon.

Horizon Zero Dawn Comes to PC

Horizon was one of the most successful launches of any kind on the PS4, and so far it’s been a hit on Steam. This RPG and visual spectacle finally made its way to the PC after more than 3 years of waiting, and can now be enjoyed in the highest definitions going. It’s captivating story is given new life through the advanced graphics as you play outcast huntress Aloy and follow one of the best character arcs in modern gaming. If you see yourself as a post-apocalyptic warrior, fending off mechanical beasts, then you should look into it.

Tell Me Why: Chapter One is Released

The masters of playable fiction at Dontnod are back with a new choice-driven narrative game, following on from the success of the Life Is Strange series. Tell Me Why centers on twins Alyson and Tyler as they travel back to their childhood home in Alaska to address their childhood. Dontnod worked closely with LGBTQ media advocacy group GLAAD, to craft the character of Tyler, the first-ever playable transgender character from a major developer. Each twin is set to have different recollections of their shared childhood, and as you unfold the mysteries, the truth of their memories will become clear. Expect to see Tell Me Why all over YouTube in the coming weeks.

Untitled Goose Game Announced for Steam

And that’s not even the best part about this piece of gaming news; with the Steam release comes a new co-op mode where you and a friend can both be awful geese tormenting the neighbouring village. The game was already hotly anticipated on its initial release, doing the rounds on every social platform and becoming a mainstream meme, so you can only imagine how hot Untitled Goose Game is about to be all over again.

Press Y to honk on Steam from September 23rd.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1&2 Warehouse Demo Released

Get nostalgic to the sound of four wheels rolling and Goldfinger’s ‘Superman’ playing in the background, Tony Hawk returned with remakes of two of the most iconic skateboarding games ever made. The game is out and players are loving being back in the classic Warehouse level, pulling off The 900, and shattering the glass panels above the halfpipe. The most notable upgrades for this remake include it’s expanded, more diverse collection of playable pro skaters and the fresh paint on old levels has people buzzing to play the full game already.

K/DA Make Their Long Awaited Return

The most popular single of 2018 in gaming had to be ‘Pop/Stars’ by virtual K-pop girl band K/DA. League of Legends’ hottest act returned last month with a new single after 2 years of waiting titled ‘The Baddest’ which has been well received by K/DA stans, League buffs, and the general public alike. The characters of Ahri and Akali are once again voiced by Miyeon and Soyeon respectively, however a change in vocal lineup brings Bea Miller in as the new voice of Evelynn, as well as Wolftyla as the new voice of Kai’Sa. More music by K/DA was promised for the future mere months after their debut single was released, and even though it took two years to deliver on the promise, the hype was definitely still there.

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