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New year, new games industry news. We’re just a few days from February, and there’s already so much going on in the industry to appreciate. Check out our recap of some of January’s biggest news in events, esports, and new launches.

Barclays joins the Ukie Hub Crawl.

Our next adventure alongside Ukie began just a few weeks ago, as we teamed up for the Hub Crawl; 12 weeks of engaging panels and talks with some of the games industry’s best and brightest. This month we covered the Startup, Branding, and Recruitment for a new business, covering everything you need to get off the ground. Next month we’re covering Tech, Workload, and Community Management, we hope to see you there.

Join us on the next Hub Crawl.

The 2021 Global Game Jam gets the world creating.

Uniting the world in games year after year, the Global Game Jam (GGJ) always rounds out January. Game dev communities, University societies, and many other groups come together for GGJ, with one purpose: to make awesome games. Past success stories from GGJ events include Surgeon Simulator from Bossa Studios and zany arena battler STARWHAL, so keep an eye out for wild, fresh games when the event closes out.

The Medium brings early-year eeriness.

Sneaking in just before February begins, Bloober Team release The Medium for PC and Xbox. A spooky psychological game drawing inspiration from the classic Silent Hill titles, you must use your access to two different realities to solve puzzles and mysteries. The game features a unique art style, with supernatural settings inspired by and modelled after the striking dystopian-surrealist artwork of Zdzisław Beksiński.

Awesome Games Done Quick, live on Twitch.

The world’s top speedrunners came together to pick up the pace, with this year’s event seeing a new world record set in Sonic the Hedgehog by Flying Fox, as she beat the game in just 20:03. Gaming for the greater good, the annual event raised over $2.75million in donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, their second highest fundraising total so far.

League of Legends: The big LEC transfers hit the rift.

Late last year, Rekkles shocked the esports world when he left Fnatic for rivals G2 after 5 seasons. Looking to fill that space, Fnatic have picked up the well-respected Upset from Astralis, as well as bringing Cloud9’s Nisqy back to the LEC as their new Mid. Alongside these big moves, watch out for NLC standout and UK player Dan, as EXCEL’s new starting Jungler.

Rocket League: The RLCS X Winter Regional Events close out.

Team BDS still stands tall as a force to be reckoned with, taking Gold in 2/3 Winter Regional Events and sitting hundreds of points ahead of their core competitors in the RLCS X standings. As the Spring season arrives, be on the lookout for the next set of Regional Events, where UK teams including Endpoint, Triple Trouble, and Top Blokes look to regain their Fall season momentum.

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