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Seasons are slowly finishing up across many top-tier esports titles, feels like many of this year’s World Champions are already on the verge of being crowned. We have an esports recap of some of August’s major moments and results to keep you in the know.

League of Legends: UKLC & Telia Masters

The UKLC season was incredibly competitive this Summer, but NVision Esports rose to the top despite a rough start. After finding their feet, they took off with a 9-game win streak, ending in their 3-1 victory over Munster Rugby Gaming Academy in the finals. The two finals teams advanced to the Telia Masters, showing Europe the UK style of League finishing 5th and 3rd in their groups respectively.

Overwatch: Overwatch League

The 2020 Season of the OWL has concluded, with Shanghai Dragons and Philadelphia Fusion sitting atop the Asian and North American divisions respectively. The playoffs begin September 4th as each division will declare their top two teams. For the first time since their separation earlier in the year, North America and Asia will clash at the Grand Finals starting October 8th, crowning the 2020 Grand Finals Champions.

League of Legends: NLC & EU Masters

The years old tradition of a Fnatic Rising vs BT Excel final was finally broken as Fnatic took the win 3-1 over Riddle Esports this time. Riddle and Fnatic both qualified for the European Masters where Riddle ended their run in the Main Event qualifiers, losing out to LDLC OL. Fnatic so far have dominated Main Event Group D and could be poised to win the whole event if they keep their momentum going.

Rainbow Six Siege: EUL Mini-Major

“The Six August 2020 European Major shattered expectations with French organisation BDS shocking the world by reverse sweeping G2 in the Grand Finals off the back of sublime performances from star man Renshiro.” - Derry “Dezachu” Holt, Rainbow 6 Commentator.

In surprise fashion, Regular Season leaders Rogue were taken out of the competition from the get go, losing out to Virtus Pro who went on to fall to eventual champs BDS. Overall, it’s worth a watch back as some magnificent Siege was played by all.

Dota 2: The International Breaks Records Again

Once again, the crowdfunded prize pool for Dota 2’s annual The International event broke records as the highest prize pool in esports. The prize pool is funded majoritively by purchases of The International 10 Battle Pass, with 25% of its earnings going towards the pool. As of writing this, the prize pool is exactly $34,526,942, beating out last year’s $34,330,069 total. Expect it to keep on growing until the event concludes.

League of Legends: Worlds 2020 Schedule

The schedule for one of the biggest events in esports every year has been announced, and teams like former finalists G2 and Fnatic are confirmed for the Main Event. This year’s schedule is as follows:

  • Play-Ins & Groups: 25 Sep - 11 Oct

  • Playoffs: 15 Oct - 25 Oct

  • Finals: 31 Oct

Last year’s Worlds continued a trend of major growth, receiving more than 100 million viewers over it’s duration, expect even greater viewership this year.

Rocket League: RLCSX: The Grid - Europe

One of the most fast-paced and electrifying esports rages on as RLCSX: The Grid is set to go into it’s 6th week of play next Thursday. The European league has seen considerable early success from UK-based teams like Triple Trouble and Endpoint, but the top of the table is ever changing and incredibly competitive. The change in format sees weekly tournaments set up between the teams, going from a group phase into an elimination-style bracket all in the same night, an exciting alternative to the previous season’s single round robin format.

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