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As part of our ongoing support for grassroots games development in the UK we have teamed up with NSE to sponsor their Games Innovation challenge. The challenge tasks university and college students from across the UK to create the most innovative game they can in just 8 weeks.

Judging categories

Entries will be judged by a panel of industry experts with a prize pool of £5000 for the best entries.

We’re looking for the most original concept, excellent storytelling and enjoyable gameplay

Epic Unreal Choice
Games designed using Unreal engine

Unity Choice
Games designed using the Unity games engine

Design elements will be judged from sound, art style, graphics and technical

Social impact
With purpose at the game’s heart, we’re looking at games that tackle difficult issues, for example, promoting environmental sustainability or looking at how to make the game more accessible

Key Dates


Submissions open:

31 January

Submissions close:

24 March


01 April

Winner announced:

06 April

For full terms and conditions, rules and how to submit your game please visit: 

Innovation Challenge





Games innovation Challenge 2021 Winners

What does it take to impress the judges of the NSE Innovation Challenge - find out here.

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