Barclays Games Frenzy

   Thursday 27th May 2021

As part of our support for the games and esports industries globally and following the success of our Barclays Games Frenzy events last year, we are delighted to present our next event focusing on Growth and Innovation in the Games and Esports industries.

Meet the speakers:


Meet our Friends, Partners and Students who took part in GatherTown.


NSE Games Frenzy Invitational.

A grand exhibit of NSE’s competition, the Games Frenzy Invitational gave us a glimpse at budding esports professionals in the UK. Watch in full the NSE Games Frenzy Invitational, where university esports teams compete across League of Legends and Valorant.



Meet the Games and Esports Team

David Gowans

Head of Games and Esports

Jon Paterson

Partnership Lead

Elaine Moran

Strategy Lead

Matthew Colclough

Esports Lead


Whether you’re starting out in games and esports or looking to expand, we’re here to help. If you’d like to find out more about our exciting gaming and esports programme and upcoming events, we’d love to hear from you.

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