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From Monday, 9 November – Friday, 13 November, we hosted a series of international virtual events across five regions that are leading the way in Games and Esports. These events aimed to give you the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s leading Games and Esports brands as well as showcasing local studios. Below is each of the sessions that made up Spotlight on the UK.





Intel technology supporting the Industry

Speakers: Hosted by David Gowans, Barclays 


Scott Gillingham
Gaming and Esports Lead
Intel ITT


Scott heads up Intel’s UK Gaming & esports business and has worked at Intel for over 13 years.

He is a keen PC gamer with current favorite titles being F1 2019, PUBG & Red Dead Redemption 2, as well enjoying building PC's and being a general hardware tech enthusiast



Future Games of London

Games for the greater good

Speakers: Hosted by Elaine Moran, Barclays 


Elizabeth Sampat
Studio Creative Director
Future Games of London


By day, she’s worked on some of mobile gaming’s biggest titles, including Hungry Shark World, Subway Surfers, and Plants Vs. Zombies 2— a career totaling over thee billion downloads. In her spare time, she continues to make personal games: Elizabeth’s personal work has been covered by the LA Times, Lifehacker, and VICE, and her game Deadbolt was showcased at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art in Washington DC. She also makes time to advocate for women and marginalized people in the games industry; she was on the IGDA Women In Games steering committee for two years, and Marie Claire Magazine called her “The Game Changer” when they named her one of “20 Women Changing the Ratio” in male-dominated industries. Most recently, she has joined the advisory board for Women In Games here in the UK.

Aaron Morley
Head of Product Management
Future Games of London


Aaron is most proud of his contributions to the Hungry Shark series of games, which have been downloaded more than 850 million times to date. Most recently, Aaron has been working with the UN on a project to catalyse Hungry Shark players around environmental issues.



Out Making Games

LGBTQ+ representation in the games community 

Speakers: Hosted by Daniel Carter, Barclays


Suneet Sharma
SEGA Europe LGBTQ + Network
Out Making Games Leadership Team


Suneet is a legal professional with experience working in media in the Legal Teams of companies such as the Associated Press, BBC and, currently, SEGA Europe.

Suneet is passionate about diversity being the Founder and Chair of SEGA Europe's LGBTQ+ Network as well as a member of Out Making Games Leadership Team.

Michael Othen
Creative Director
Out Making Games Leadership Team 


Michael has worked in the games industry for 15 years, in both AAA and mobile. As a creative director, he is responsible for overseeing creative vision, supporting teams and allowing ideas to grow.

He’s committed to improving LGBTQ+ representation in games and is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in games, both behind the scenes and on the screen.


Check out some of the featured companies below.  


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