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Across the country we have a number of Games businesses who are affiliated to our network of Eagle Labs incubators. 

We are always looking for ways we can better support the Games industry, in particular those who have taken that giant step to start their own business, so we set up the Games Collective to support these Founders.



Meet the Eagle Labs Team

We can support you from any of our labs, get in touch to see how we can help.

Emma Young

Lab Manager 
Belfast Eagle Lab

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Ian Holland

Ecosystem Manager 
Sheffield Eagle Lab

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Jack Greenwood

Lab Manager 
Edinburgh Eagle Lab

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Mark Rands

Ecosystem Manager 
Southampton Eagle Lab

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Naomi Muston

Ecosystem Manager 
Brighton Eagle Lab

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Sher Galer

Ecosystem Manager 
Liverpool Eagle Lab

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Watch Again - Games Collective Live Events

These events hosted in Eagle labs around the UK were designed to shine a spotlight on local games developers and games businesses those regions and give local developers the chance to network, ask questions and learn from others how they can grow their studio, Watch the recordings of these sessions below and book on the next virtual event above.


The aim of the Games Collective is to: 

  • Connect Founders from all areas of the games industry throughout our Eagle Lab Networks right across the country
  • Create a relaxed space for Founders to share problems, collaborate and most importantly support each other
  • Share stories from successful Games UK Games businesses
  • Encourage people from all diversity sectors to join and collaborate.
  • Along with the Founders from our 5 Games Eagle Labs (Southampton, Sheffield, Belfast, Liverpool and Brighton) we have invited Founders from our network of 25 labs and beyond.

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