Ukie Games Demo Day

   In partnership with Barclays

We are delighted to be partnering with UKIE, in creating an opportunity for UK Games developers to showcase their game to potential audiences and investors.

Join us on the 23rd of September when 8 UK Games Developers will get the opportunity to demonstrate their amazing games.

We are so excited to have Spike Laurie, Ventures Director at Hiro Capital, Elena Egorova, Global Director of Corporate Development at Enad Global 7, Nick Button Brown, Investor at The Games Angels and Simon Smith, Senior Game Scout at Team 17 on our panel on the day.

Date: 23rd September
Time: 11am
Location: Zoom

Register here to attend the Demo Day: 




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UKIE are the trade association for the UK's games and interactive entertainment industry; a not-for-profit, representing businesses from micro studios to multinationals, developers, publishers and service companies, working across online, mobile, console, PC, esports and immersive. Their mission is to make the UK the best place to make, sell and play games.

As a member of UKIE we have worked with them on a number of initiatives including sponsoring their UK Games Industry Hub Crawls.

Dr Jo Twist OBE at Ukie, said:

“Independent game development studios have always been at the heart of the UK’s fantastically creative, innovative and culturally significant games industry. We look forward to working with Barclays to both celebrate and support the next generation of talent that’ll shape our sector for years to come.”

Barclays, Games and Esports

Barclays has been supporting industry for hundreds of years and has a rich history of supporting the creative industries since the eighties, helping businesses grow across film, music and video games.

We have a specialist Games and Esports Team and a bank wide strategy for Barclays, to ensure we work with and can support the needs of this industry at all levels. We see this Demo Day as a vital link in creating connections for developers.


David Gowans, Head of Games and Esports at Barclays, said:

“One of the biggest hurdles for independent games developers is finding the right funding, even as larger games businesses and investors are looking for the right game and teams to work with. By partnering with UKIE on the Games Demo Day, we hope to create an avenue to come together and build connections that will help the UK games industry continue to thrive.”

Please note:

Applications to demonstrate on the day have now closed.

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