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We were looking forward to supporting the industry with a number of events this year but with the current issues around public gathering, we have brought highlights of our London & Sheffield Game Frenzy events online to share with you all.

At Barclays, we have been supporting creative industries since 1986 and our deep connections within the industry especially the great work the games industry is doing. We hope this Digital Edition of the Games Frenzy will, whether you’re just starting out or long-established and looking to expand, give you some expert support that’s specific to the industry the future of Games and Esports, with talks and panels of the best in the business.

Why is Barclays doing this?


Barclays and the Games Industry

Fireside chat with Ben Davey, CEO of Barclays Ventures and David Yarnton, Chairman and Co-Founder, Edge Esports.


UK Esports -  State of play

A selection of world-class Professionals working in UK Esports hosted by Chester King, CEO, British Esports Association.



The panellists are:

Kieran Holmes
Co-founder & CGO, EXCEL Esports
Craig Santicchia
Partnerships Development Director, FNATIC.
Jon Tilbury
Executive Director - National Student Esports

Women in Games

A selection of world-class Professionals working in the industry, hosted by Margarita Skarkou, Barclays Ventures.



The panellists are:

Marie-Claire Isaaman
CEO, Women in Games WIGJ
David Smith
Founder, Women in Games WIGJ
Gemma Johnson Brown
Ambassador Director, Women in Games WIGJ

Developing Games from idea to living room

Filmed at the South Frenzy

From the South Frenzy:- Have you wanted to develop a game and get it from your head to being published and played in people’s front rooms then this talk is for you. Hosted by Sam Collins, Head of Commercial & Membership, UKIE.



With panel:

Lucy Dove
Director and Game Designer, The Dangerous Kitchen
Dan Bernardo
Co-Founder and CEO, Playtra Games
Elizabeth Sampat
Creative Director, Future of Games London
Aleksey Savchenko
Licensing Manager, Epic Games UK


Filmed at the North Frenzy

From the North Frenzy:- Have you wanted to develop a game and get it from your head to being published and played in people’s front rooms? Then this talk is for you. Hosted by Rick Gibson, Chief Executive Officer, British Games Institute (BGI).



With panel:

CK Kohli
Managing Director, Yoyotech
Nigel Little
Managing Director, Distinctive Developments

UK Games Industry Census - understanding diversity in the UK games industry workforce

UKIE helped commission a report of the industry to find out how diverse we were. Written by Dr. Mark Taylor of the University of Sheffield and funded via the Arts & Humanities Research Council, this independent analysis focuses on three main areas: the kinds of work that games industry workers do, their personal characteristics, and their backgrounds. By asking questions that could be compared against those from other sectors, national datasets or by digging into how multiple characteristics fit together, we were able to gain a very clear view of both areas where games can celebrate and where clear challenges lie. During this talk, we bring Mark together in a fireside chat with Joe Willis from Kurious Arts to dig deep into the report and answer some of the questions raised by the report.

If you want to read the report in full click here to go to the site where you can get your copy.


Specialist support for the creative industry

To help support the continued growth of the sector, Barclays has today become the first high street bank to offer tax credit loans to video game producers allowing them to receive advance funds against future tax credits from HMRC. This improves their cash flow, and it is helping to make the UK one of the most attractive countries in the world for video game producers to invest in.

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