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The key next step after creating an innovative product in AgriTech is to make it robust and reliable, says Ben Scott-Robinson, Co-founder and CEO of Small Robot Company.

Small Robot Company is a finalist in the Eagle Labs Innovation category for the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards. The company’s aim is to “help farmers to feed the world while regenerating the planet” using robots and AI. Its three small robots, Tom, Dick and Harry, are being developed to reduce farming’s impact on the environment and increase farm outputs globally.

In this video Ben discusses the challenge of moving from an R&D house to being able to build reliable robots. He also talks about the importance of customers in designing their service.

Ben says being a finalist for the award is massively exciting. “It is without doubt the highlight of the year so far. It's really lovely when you're beavering away in a facility, in the middle of the countryside, and then you get notification of being considered for an award and representing the region.”




The Eagle Labs Innovation Award is part of the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards.

This year the event will be held virtually, on 26 November.

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