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Radom Network


Christopher Wilson - Chief Executive Officer, Advisor to the UK APPG on Blockchain, Scott Haval Osman - Chief Sales Officer and Rikki Janae - Chief Brand Officer chat to Eagle Labs EnergyTech about Radom Network.

Tell us about Radom Network

Radom Network enables businesses and individuals to lease out direct access to assets and services for Web 3.0 focused customers through blockchain-based payments. Through Radom’s network security and asset management platform, one can streamline the typical security infrastructure required for allowing third-party access to connected assets such as API and cloud servers, Proof-of-Work miners, databases and IoT devices.

When did you start your business?

April 2021.

What's been your biggest highlight?

Building our Minimum Viable Product, which is ready for our investors and partners to explore.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Starting out as a small team, needing to do lots of work while keeping growth organic in a rapidly expanding Web 3.0 space.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Striking the right balance between persistence in your vision and being adaptive in your execution is crucial. As a decentralization advocate, I'm convinced that being an entrepreneur means integrating transparency, hard work and valuable alliances to allow true capitalism to function and bring your company toward that next-level growth.

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