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Jim Cargill - CEO/Director and Professor John McCall - Director, chat to Eagle Labs EnergyTech about PlanSea Solutions.

Tell us about PlanSea Solutions

PlanSea offers transformational AI-based software optimising offshore energy marine logistics - reducing emissions and costs, enhancing planning safety and efficiency.

PlanSea is a spin-out company from the Robert Gordon University and holds the exclusive licence for the world-leading marine logistics artificial intelligence technology developed by the University. It has developed a suite of software aimed at providing the Offshore Marine Logistics sector with sophisticated operational control, fleet planning, optimisation and vessel scheduling tools.

UK annual marine logistics spend is c.£250M and opportunity for greater efficiency and collaboration - the prize is a reduction in emissions and costs of up to 40% Up to now, operators have not had access to leading edge technology to help them with this highly complex and costly task. PlanSea has answered this call and collaboration can now be facilitated by the software tools the company has developed.

What’s next?
UKCS market readiness is close and a global roll-out is planned to follow. There is great potential for synergy with offshore renewables and decommissioning and PlanSea is already working on this as part of the Energy Transition. Additionally, collaborative P&A activity potentially offers a new optimisation application for PlanSea’s technology.

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight?

Securing NZTC & SE funding, COP 26 participation.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Risk-averse sector - 'race to be second'; focus on daily challenges rather than strategic vision.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

It will take much longer and cost more than you ever imagined.

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