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Piers Corfield - Founder, chats to Eagle Labs EnergyTech about Dashboard.

Tell us about Dashboard

Founded in January 2015, Dashboard is a recognised international leader in industrial digitisation solutions. We exist to make industry more intelligent: to make it cleaner, safer, and more efficient by helping people make better decisions faster. Our mission is not as deceptively attainable as it sounds. Converging multiple legacy industrial systems and building an integrated data model on which real-time analysis/reporting can be delivered and predictions made is challenging. At Dashboard, we talk about turning insight into foresight: encapsulating the transformative power of data-driven industrial monitoring systems. 

We began by developing the world’s first infrastructure management system for the global pipeline industry (initially focused on energy). Dashboard brings a leading-edge capability in fields including electronic security, communications, platform, data structure/analysis, and human-machine interface design. Alongside,  we have developed a proprietary field instrumentation system for the world’s most demanding environments.

Our initial reference application, the Intelligent Pipeline Management System (IPMS), is an integrated solution addressing one of the world’s greatest environmental challenges and has facilitated a partnership with a world-leading pipeline engineering specialist. Enabled by AI (at both the edge and platform), IPMS is grounded in the Dashboard technology platform which is equally applicable to a wide range of industrial applications/assets.

When did you start your business?

January 2015

What's been your biggest highlight?

What's been your biggest highlight? – Signing a global partnership, achieving international recognition, and commencing the first commercial projects were all watershed moments.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Liquidity: effectively a lack of resources with which to reach our full potential.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Qualify your market thoroughly, choose your team with huge care, commit to building a detailed strategy, analyse the funding necessary to reach break-even and build in contingency, select your investors with even greater care, and be prepared for a long hard slog.

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