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Austin Hay - Director, chats to Eagle Labs EnergyTech about ADC Ai.

Tell us about ADC Ai

For over 36 years ADC Energy has been making the Energy industry safer, cleaner and more efficient by providing independent assurance on drilling rigs and vessels. These assets are vital to delivering almost all offshore energy projects including Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas and Carbon Capture & Storage. Leveraging our experience and subject matter knowledge of equipment and systems fitted to these vessels, ADC's latest venture (ADC Ai) looks to harness the power of Artifical Intelligence and machine learning to revolutionise the way operations and maintenance is conducted - streamling costs and increasing efficiency.

When did you start your business?

ADC Energy - 1985, ADC Ai - 2021.

What's been your biggest highlight?

Working with a major asset owner to prove the concept and start to develop the technology in a live operating environment.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Understanding how to commercialise the product / service.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Have the audacity and follow your convictions. If you believe in your idea don't let others discourage you from being bold and finding a way to make it happen, someone will always tell you it's been done before. Connect with people (as we all are), listen to those in your network to avoid pitfalls, and be smart about protecting your ideas from those with deeper pockets, as well as those you ask to partner in your idea for further development. Success comes from being passionate about your subject, act with integrity and constantly looking to innovate.

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