Barclays Eagle Labs EnergyTech Annual 


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Through our EnergyTech programme, we’re building a community of deep energy industry experts and startups working on disruptive energy technologies to help change the way we harvest, manage and use energy.

Everyone has a role to play and we brought together innovators from the worlds of fusion, robotics, micromobility, biology, bioinformatics AI, nuclear and more to look at the greatest challenges and opportunities faced by the Energy industry today.

Take a look at the full event video or individual sessions below and do get in touch if you want to find out more about our EnergyTech programme.

Watch the Barclays Eagle Labs EnergyTech Annual - 2hrs 48mins

Watch a full replay of the EnergyTech Annual that took place in January 2022.

individual Sessions

Welcome to the Barclays Eagle Labs EnergyTech Annual - 5 mins

Oli Barrett MBE introduces the Barclays Eagle Labs EnergyTech Annual.



Fireside chat with Bob Mumgaard, CEO of Commonwealth Fusion Systems - 24 mins

We talk to Bob Mumgaard, CEO of MIT spin-out, Commonwealth Fusion Systems.



Are there barriers to entry in EnergyTech? - 36 mins

Panel with Rotimi Alabi, Jennifer Craw and Sarah Merrick.



The role of robotics in Energy - 30 mins

Panel with Ravindra Chunilal, Eva Magnisali and Lee Wilson.



Is the impossible still impossible? - 19 mins

Panel with Jennifer Holmgren, Insiya Jafferjee and Mert Geveci.



Title: Keynote with Horace Dediu from Asymco - 35 mins

We talk to Horace Dediu, Founder of Asymco and author of the term “micromobility”.


Barclays Eagle Labs’ EnergyTech programme drives digital transformation in the sector
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