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Climate change. Covid-19. The new normal.

These are the biggest challenges we’re facing right now.
Radical innovation is needed to vastly improve how we harvest and consume energy for the future.

Introducing the Eagle Labs EnergyTech programme

Taking EnergyTech to new places.

Who we are

We’re Barclays Eagle Labs and we’re building an EnergyTech programme in partnership with CodeBase (the largest tech incubator in the UK) and incumbent energy organisations for the future. We’re leveraging the full power of our Eagle Lab network (the largest incubator network in the UK with 700 startups in 26 locations), CodeBase tech product know how and tapping into industry partners domain expertise.

Faltered by the burst of the CleanTech bubble in 2012 and the need to increase the pace of industry innovation and digital transformation, EnergyTech is further behind than many other X tech’ verticals e.g. Fintech, LawTech etc. However, incumbents and startups alike feel that now is the time for that to change. The need for alternative energy sources and cleaner energy couldn’t be more pressing in our changing world.

To help accelerate the development of the UK EnergyTech ecosystem, our EnergyTech programme will bring all players together: startups, incumbents and industry institutions into a safe, innovative space to level up. Startups will learn domain expertise and incumbents will learn new technology, skills, culture and practices to deliver new business models, products and dynamics that lead us to a better future.

More than just an EnergyTech programme. A lot more.

What we’re aiming to do and how

We will expose company leaders and startups founders to operators from the technology industry or X tech industries which have already been deeply affected by technology, like banking. In particular, we invite current operators to share their experience in the following four areas:







This is a 12-month rolling programme where monthly meetups, mentorship and executive training will teach new playbooks and strategies for innovation and digital product building. How? By mapping across the lessons learned from other X tech verticals and from the Venture Capital (VC) and technology industry.

Our Eagle Labs offer full-service design capabilities. As problems and opportunities are highlighted these teams will be there for startups and corporates to build, measure, learn and repeat. Likewise, investments, partnerships and acquisitions will be encouraged and supported on both sides by the programme team. As another large organisation operating in a highly regulated, heavily disrupted sector we are keen to share our own experiences as a practitioner rather than as consultants.

We’ve lived and are still living and evolving through many disruptions in the financial industry. What we’ve learnt has helped us create 6 growing industry vertical programmes: LawTech, HealthTech, AgriTech, AviationTech, Gaming and CreativeTech. Now in partnership with CodeBase, the UK’s largest technology incubator, we’re mapping this experience and success of these industries to EnergyTech.

Partnering with EnergyTech experts

We’re partnering with best-in-class industry bodies to bring new events, workshops and solutions. Supporting the UK EnergyTech industries to develop their skills and connect with like-minded professionals.

Take a look at some of our partners: 



Who this programme will help

We’re bringing together the knowledge and experience from all across the business ecosystem: big corporates, tech natives, startups and deep domain expertise to accelerate industry innovation.

Simply put, we’re a launch pad for EnergyTech professionals with the ideas to change the way we do things. So, whether you’re a startup or a corporate, our Labs offers entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses co-working and office space, innovative tools, curated events, up to date EnergyTech insights as well as the right network to innovate and scale.



Your big ideas need the right people to launch them

Build, learn and scale faster. Whether it’s help with unit economics, go to market strategies, or finding market fit, our partners, network and like-minded entrepreneurs are there to support you.



We help big companies think small

Learn important lessons from the startup world when it comes to dynamic thinking, hyper-collaboration and keeping it simple. Exposure to the Startup and Technology world will map across the playbooks you're unfamiliar with.

We also help you to connect with the best EnergyTech startup talent and introduce you to emerging technologies.


Our programme is here to help your fund succeed

Get actionable advice and learnings to create and develop your thesis. Then get access to startups and Venture Building opportunities to take your fund further.


Snapshot of other Industries we’ve worked with

Here’s a LawTech meet-up:


Upcoming event


How you can get involved

If you would like to sign up to the EnergyTech programme or join the community.

Contact Us

Find out more about our initiative through our dedicated EnergyTech Innovation team.

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