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Digital Eagles are individuals who are proactive and passionate about supporting your colleagues and customers in becoming advocates of digital technologies. Digital Eagles will:

Be selected for their passion, their resilience, their ability to influence others and their thirst for knowledge

Arrange/support events internally and externally to help digitally up skill colleagues and customers

Attend a range of face to face knowledge sessions provided by Barclays and pass on the knowledge learnt from those sessions to others

Use their passion and influencing skills to drive the growth of the Digital Eagles network within their organisation, to help all colleagues to embrace the change

Be proactive in identifying areas for change and be supportive in implementing those changes as set by the organisation, recognise and record the impact those changes are bringing to the organisation and review those against each objective


Our programmes

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Our mission

Innovation is becoming increasingly important for organisations the world over due to its role in creating job opportunities, increasing the competitiveness of enterprises in global markets, improving the quality of life and contributing to more sustainable economic growth.

Our of 100 UK businesses, leaders are experiencing the following:

Digital disruption
No innovation
Cultural change

Microsoft (2017)

Why Eagle X

Barclays will work with your organisation to mirror the approach that we created with our internal Digital Eagles programme. By establishing the needs and the challenges of your organisation, we will work with you to develop a workforce of Eagles that will be empowered to support colleagues and customers to improve their digital understanding. The Eagles themselves will also benefit from the following:

organisational change

Digital Eagles will have the opportunity to influence change within your organisation, as they will play a key part in identifying areas that require improvements and will work with the relevant teams to execute these changes.


Digital Eagles will naturally develop a set of transferable soft skills, which will help to strengthen their CV.

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