Digital Eagles Programme

Digitally empowering colleagues on your transformation journey

The Digital Eagles Programme is a 6 month curated programme that aims to support companies across the UK in the digital up-skilling of their colleagues in order to address the challenges and opportunities faced by society.

Digital Eagles Programme aims to:


Share our experiences with you to support you through your digital transformation journey



Help colleagues within your organisation to build confidence and maintain an understanding of digital technology



Inspire colleagues to embrace emerging technologies to address their challenges and opportunities

Digital Eagles

Digital Eagles are at the heart of the Digital Eagles Programme. Digital Eagles are individuals who are proactive and passionate about supporting your colleagues and customers in becoming advocates of digital technologies. Digital Eagles:

  • Are passionate and resilient and are known for their ability to influence others
  • Challenge the norm with fresh new ideas
  • Have a thirst for knowledge and always embrace change
  • Look to the future and think ahead of the game
  • Spread enthusiasm amongst colleagues and customers

We hope that by helping you to set up and implement your own network of Digital Eagles, you’ll be able to kick-start your digital transformation journey and change the digital culture of your organisation.

Increasing your employee’s digital awareness will enhance their confidence, enabling them to pass their new-found digital knowledge on – both internally and externally.

Digital Eagles Programme Journey

The Digital Eagles Programme journey is tailored to you depending on your needs. Our team will spend time with you to understand how your company works and agree a specific purpose for the partnership. We will then work with you to change the digital culture of your organisation, by developing a network of Digital Eagles. The below shows an example of how that journey might look.




Genie Lam
Client Engagement Lead,
Barclays Strategic Transformation
+44 (0)7384 438 334


Ian Balderson
Client Solution Lead,
Barclays Strategic Transformation
+44 (0)7775 553 359


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Barclays Digital Eagles

Digital Eagles provide education and open source content that empowers entire communities to become digitally savvy whilst staying safe online.

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