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Digital Eagle Partnerships is a curated and tailored programme that aims to support companies across the UK in the digital up-skilling of their colleagues in order to address the challenges and opportunities faced by society.

We aim to:

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Share our experiences with you to support you through your digital transformation journey

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Help colleagues within your organisation to build confidence and maintain an understanding of digital technology

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Inspire colleagues to embrace emerging technologies to address their challenges and opportunities

How it works

The Digital Eagle Partnerships is tailored to your business.

Our programme builds on Barclays own experience of increasing the digital savviness of a global workforce. Our customised journey helps future-proof your workforce by digitally upskilling frontline employees and adapting company-customer culture.

We get to know your business and digital objectives from the outset and support you every step of the way; helping you create your very own network of Digital Eagles.

We also conduct a series of knowledge sessions providing individuals with opportunities to influence change within your business.

Our work: Salford City

Salford City has a bold ambition to be a Digital City using digital transformation to ensure our services are a great experience for everyone. Set within the context of reducing resources and increasing growth in the city, the Salford city council set themselves the objective of doing things ‘quicker, easier and better,’ and develop radical new ways of working with partners to make best use of the city’s collective resources. As part of the council’s landmark digital inclusion programme, Digital You, they teamed up with Barclays to create local authority Digital Eagles – over 400 volunteer council employees from frontline workers in Waste & Recycling and Customer Services, to Dog Wardens and Youth Workers – all blazing the trail to help their colleagues and residents become comfortable and confident online. 





Meet the team



Alison Peacock
Head of Digital Eagle Partnerships and Connected Cities

Mobile: +44 (0)7887 412 360
Email: Alison

Jodie Gilbert
Digital Eagles Partnerships Lead

Mobile: +44 (0)7818 527 421
Email: Jodie

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