Demo Directory: Founder Guidance & FAQ's

Founder Guidance

Eagle Labs’ purpose is to incubate and accelerate UK early-stage and high-growth businesses by helping them to create, innovate and grow.

Through the Demo Directory we collate information from Founders and share it with selected attested Investors for the purposes of showcasing exciting businesses from the Eagle Labs ecosystem. We offer this level of support to help such Founders and Investors to discover each other.

You have expressed an interest to showcase your business through the Demo Directory. Barclays (“We”, “us”) have created this guidance to help you with preparing a Demo Directory listing, which will consist of a written section and video demo.

This Founder Guidance is split into:

  • Directory Listing Approval Process
  • General Content Guidelines

  • Video Format Requirements

  • File Transfer options

  • Important Information – Risks for you to consider

Directory Listing Approval Process

Here are the next steps you should expect to follow:

  1. Complete an Application form – this form provides you the opportunity to express your business in your own words. If selected, your descriptions are what the investor audience will read prior to viewing your demo video. Please complete your application online and ensure that it meets the Content Guidelines below.
  2. Record video - Following a review, you may be asked to create an accompanying Demo video. See the Content Guidelines, Video Format Requirements for more about what information you can include in your video. Please ensure your video duration does not exceed 4 minutes.

  3. Share video - Please share your video with the team via one of the options in the File Transfer Options section below.

  4. List video - Upon review and acceptance by us that the your Directory Listing meets the guidelines, we will add your Directory Listing provided about your business to a future Demo Directory email. This will be sent to our selected list of attested investors.
  5. Connect - The investor audience may wish to connect directly with you via the contact details you provide. We shall not receive any feedback on your demo or field any queries about your demo, but will instead direct such queries to you via the contact details you provide.

If you have any questions, please read the Frequently Asked Questions on our website. If these do not answer your question, please contact a member of the Eagle Labs team via email.

Content Guidelines

In preparing your Directory Listing (including any video pitches), we ask that you follow the below guidelines. Where we are not satisfied that you have met the guidance, we will ask you to revise your Directory Listing or will not be able to publish the listing.

Please note that this content guidance is not intended as advice and, if you have any questions or concerns about the following, please ensure you obtain your own independent advice.

Do talk about

Do not talk about

  • Your company and its history.

  • Your team, their skills and background etc.

  • Your business ideas, offerings, products services and Unique Selling Point.

  • Detailed financial information such as your financial performance, past or predicted.

  • Market Share size or your current market share.

  • Confidential information which relates to your business, its performance or protection.The size or timeframe of your capital raising – such details may be shared as part of the Directory listing.


Minimum Requirements

Prohibited Content

All information provided by you in your Directory Listing must:

  • be factually accurate and up to date

  • be clear, fair and not misleading

  • have received express permission from those featured or quoted in the content for their details and information to be included.

Your Directory Listing must not contain anything that:

  • is unlawful or abusive in any way, including, but not limited to, anything that is defamatory, libellous, pornographic, obscene, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, inclusive of hate speech, or would constitute or encourage a criminal offence

  • infringes the rights of any party (including Intellectual Property Rights); or

  • gives rise to liability or violation of any applicable law.


Note that once you have connected with Investors separately, you may then choose to share more information about your business which may be of interest to them.

If required changes to the Directory Listing are subsequently identified, you will contact the Eagle Labs team via email as soon as possible and if necessary, update the relevant content.

Video Format Requirements

The video must:

  1. Be recorded in landscape

  2. Be no more than 400MB in size

  3. Be in MP4 format

  4. Not exceed 4 minutes

  5. Adhere to video guidelines below

File Transfer Options

There are 3 options available to share your Demo Directory video with us:

  • YouTube URL upload – please share the URL for the video with us.

  • WeTransfer file share – please provide us the link and any necessary passwords (if applicable).

  • Intralinks (details will need to be provided by Barclays). Please request details via email.

If you have any questions, please read the Frequently Asked Questions on our website. If these do not answer your question, please contact a member of the Eagle Labs team via email.

Important Information - Risks for you to consider

  1. These Founder Guidelines are educational only and provided to you on a non-reliance basis. Neither Barclays nor any person acting on our behalf will be held responsible for the use made of any information, guidance, advice, comments or opinions given to you in connection with preparing your Directory Listing. If you are in any doubt about the information you are making available on your Directory Listing, you should seek independent advice.
  2. In sharing your Directory Listing with us, you will be placing information about your business into the public domain with the intended consumption by potential investors. You should consider if any of the information you write or present in your Directory Listing should remain confidential, and therefore not be included.
  3. If you are entering in to this with the intention of exchanging equity for cash, you should consider seeking independent financial advice.
  4. Whilst we do our best to maintain the certification status of investors, we do not measure or regard their credibility or carry out any further checks on them. You should perform your own due diligence as part of any future business transactions.


Will you edit my demo video?
We will not edit your demo video; we expect the final version you share with up to be of a standard which is acceptable for investors to receive. On the occasion we do not feel the video is up to standard, we will inform you of our view and why.

Will you write my business details for me?
No, incomplete applications will not be considered. You are best placed to advise on your business, its achievements and aspirations.

What should or shouldn’t I put in my demo video?
Please refer to the guidelines for demos.

What is Barclays role?
Barclays role is to share demos of aspiring startups who are seeking to raise capital with a wide range of investors across a variety of sectors. We will not make direct connections to investors or promote your demo any differently to other businesses.

How often will you share demo videos to investors?
We aspire to share these mails regularly with investors. Dependent upon demand, we anticipate sending between 1 and 2 of these mails per month.

Will you connect me with specific investors?
No, we share your demo amongst a wide-range of investors, across multiple sectors and geographies. We will not make specific introductions.

Which investors will see my demo?
The demo videos will be collated into an email and shared with a wide range of registered and certified investors which have previously asked to receive such mails. We cannot guarantee which investors will watch your video or attempt to get in touch.

How do investors get in touch?
Your preferred contact details will be taken within the application template and used by investors to connect. There is no guarantee that any investors will get in touch.

Can I reach out to investors directly?
Yes, you may reach out to investors.

Will you share which investors will be sent my demo?
No, we will be unable to advise which investors have received or viewed your demo. We can confirm the number of investors which will have been sent the demo, but not the investor name or contact.

How long does this process take?
We ask that you complete the simple application template. If you have been selected to create a video, it is up to you how long you spend on creating the demo. You can view some examples of demos we have previously on our website.

Do I need to complete all the boxes on the application template?
Yes, we have only asked for information which we will be portraying towards the investors. There are character-limited segments which provide you the opportunity to describe your offering as well as questions which demonstrate the position your business is currently in.

Is there a cost?
No, this service is offered free of charge. Barclays will not seek any payment or equity in return for this process. You will be engaging investors to potentially take a stake in your business. You should seek independent financial advice to ensure you are comfortable with this.

How many times can I add to the directory?
You may apply when you are seeking to raise capital. We appreciate this may take several months and happen on various occasions as your business grows. You are welcome to resubmit a request to be involved, thought we would expect the business to be in a different position than at the previous submission.

How long will my video be live for?
The video will be shared only once with the group of investors. The demo will be live for a period of 3 months.

Are there any risks?
i) You will be placing information about your business into the public domain with the intended consumption by investors. You should consider if any of the information you write or present in your video or text should remain confidential.
ii) You are entering in to this with the intention of exchanging equity for cash, you should seek independent financial advice if necessary.
iii) While we do our best to maintain the certification of investors, we do not measure or regard their credibility. You should perform your own due diligence and fact-checking as part of your transaction.
iv) There is no guarantee that an investor will reach out to you.

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