Salford Digital Eagles

The City of Salford is a city and metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, England, named after its largest settlement. The city has a population of 246,000 and is administered by Salford City Council.

Salford City Council is home to MediacityUK, an international hub for technology.

Despite this, almost 13% of Salford residents say they have never been online compared to 7% of Londoners, while 24% in Salford do not have the basic digital skills considered essential these days compared to 16% in the capital. 1

Access to employment opportunities is also poor – 21% of Salford households do not work, compared to a national average of 15%. 2

Salford City Council (SCC) are strongly committed to the digital inclusion agenda and are keen to ensure their residents have the capability to use the internet to benefit them day to day - whether that’s individuals or community organisations.

Over the next 2 years, Salford City Council aims to engage with 8,000 of the most disadvantaged individuals within the city to help them develop their digital skills, as a part of the Digital Inclusion agenda.

Salford City Council understands that in order to achieve its wider vision, it’s important to start within its own organisation.

The Salford Digital Eagles’ mission is to play an active part in the digitally up-skilling of colleagues and the Salford Residents’, by educating and showing their residents about the benefits that emerging digital technologies can bring to their lives.

In May 2017, Salford City Council became the first local authority to be partnered with us, launching the External Digital Eagles programme, branding its own network of Eagles as Salford Digital Eagles.

Since launching the programme in May 2017, we have worked closely with the Council to share our knowledge and supported with various events.

55 Salford Digital Eagles were recruited to kick-start this incredible journey at the outset with a second cohort being launched in February 2018; growing its Digital Eagles population by 160%, taking the total number of Salford Digital Eagles to 145.

The Salford Digital Eagles are embracing all the opportunities, making a positive difference within its workforce and community culminating in winning the Council’s Employee Awards in November 2017.

Truly in line with its Digital Inclusion agenda, the Salford Digital Eagles have already successfully upskilled 450 colleagues and 3,000 residents in 2019.

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