Keeping you and your family safe online

The digital revolution means everyone is connected: connected to each other, to the cloud, to data, information and services - even to our cars and our homes. That means that it’s never been more important to make sure we know our stuff when it comes to keeping ourselves and our family safe online.

Head down to one of our sessions for a chat with a Digital Eagle and check out the resources below to help you stay cyber safe.

Barclays DigiSafe in Cyber Space Tea and Teach

Digital Eagles hold Tea & Teach sessions across the UK. They’re free, friendly, and a great way to build your confidence with computers and the Internet.

Barclays DigiSafe in Cyber Space  is a brand new addition to the Tea & Teach programme and includes everything you need to master the digital world, whilst giving you tips and guidance on how you can keep yourself and your devices safe. The sessions include fun and interactive activities, with hints on social media privacy settings, advice on pop-ups and tips on recognising fraudulent emails.

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Barclays DigiSafe Cadets

Brought to you by Barclays Code Playground, Barclays DigiSafe Cadets is a fun and interactive workshop for 7-11yr olds. Kids are now growing up in a digital world and as well as getting to grips with the basics of computing, it's really important that they understand how to stay safe online.

Our Digital Eagles will be on hand to introduce the basics of coding and game building with a cyber-security twist. During the session, we also run what we call ‘Mission Control,’ which helps parents and guardians to get to grips with the stuff their kids are doing online and how to keep them safe!

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Digital Wings

Digital Wings is a free and fun learning tool designed to develop and grow your digital confidence. Learn and test your knowledge across a range of digital topics. Earn badges and jump up the leaderboard as your knowledge grows. Why not explore the various modules including ‘Online Safety, Security & Fraud’ and ‘Avoiding online scams in association with Get Safe Online’.

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