Cyber Security Awareness

Your toolkit to help keep you safe from the cyber criminals and fraudsters

Cyber crime and fraud is a threat to businesses of any size and cyber criminals often take advantage of human error so it’s important that every member of staff knows how to protect themselves and the business from cyber attacks.

Customer webinar

Eagle Lab has worked with our colleagues in Specialist Client Solutions to provide a recorded version of their customer webinar. Find out more below:

Watch full Webinar (30 mins)


We hope that you find this content useful. It is important to make sure that everyone in your business (and who you do business with) is aware of the risk that cyber criminals pose, so please feel free to share this content with others. 

For more information about how to help protect your business from fraud find out more

There is also a complete version of the presentation (30 minutes) that you can use. Please find this below.


Know your cyber and fraud risks full version

This is a full recording of the Specialist Client Solution cyber fraud webinar. Join Joe as he takes you through the full presentation.



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